Commercial Electricity Suppliers in Texas

Learn more about commercial electric service and how to choose a provider below.

Why Reliable, Affordable Business Electricity Matters

All businesses need reliable power to function. So, whether your business is a fixture in your community or it’s brand new, electricity plays an integral role in its success. Energy costs are one of the largest expenses any business faces, so rates are an important factor during the search for an electricity provider. Arming yourself with the right information will equip you to make the best decision about affordable, reliable energy for your business.

Questions to Ask When Choosing Business Electricity

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How would you like to communicate with your provider?

Commercial electric service is typically more personalized than residential. Larger suppliers provide their clients with account representatives that will answer questions, work within your budget, and deal with any issues that arise during signup or throughout the contract. Budget suppliers may not give your business the same attention, so look at service and value, not just price, when shopping.

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What are your pain points with your current service provider?

If you’re a business owner or energy manager looking to switch providers, what’s motivating you? Keep any current pain points in mind as you consider your options so you don’t end up in a similar situation. If you’re a new business, think about any specific concerns you have and bring them up as you speak to representatives from different suppliers.

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How quickly do you need service?

Unlike residential suppliers, commercial electricity suppliers often don’t offer clients same-day or even next-day service. Businesses can face wait times of up to one week between an initial call to a provider and getting power turned on. If you need electricity sooner rather than later, keep this in mind as you shop.

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Does your business have multiple locations? If so, where?

Having the same commercial electricity provider for all of your business’ locations simplifies energy management significantly. Many larger providers offer service in broader areas. If your business has multiple locations or could expand in the future, consider choosing a supplier that serves areas beyond Texas.

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What’s your typical kilowatt-hour usage?

Make sure you know how much electricity your business uses before you start your search. If your business is established and you’re switching providers, look at a few old bills to find your business’ average usage. If your business is new, be prepared to discuss the following factors to establish a realistic estimate of your costs:

  • Equipment
  • Hours of operation
  • Facility size
  • Number of employees

Recommended Business Electricity Providers

We’re a small site, and we’re always evaluating new commercial electricity suppliers to find other options to recommend to consumers. Stay tuned to see more recommended suppliers in this section soon!

Preferred Provider
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Hudson Energy

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