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Understanding your Texas electricity plan options

As you compare energy plans across companies, the process can be confusing. Even if you know exactly what you want, you’ll have to sort through several plans—all named differently depending on the electricity supplier—to find the one that matches what you need.

Rather than focusing on what energy companies choose to call their plans, look at what each plan offers. Energy companies will generally offer similar options but package them differently. If you can narrow down which rates, contract lengths, and add-ons are important to you, you’ll be able to decipher any amount of plan jargon energy companies throw at you as you compare energy plans.

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Fixed Rate Plans

  • Allow you to lock in your rate as power costs rise over time
  • Offer the most predictable bill each month
  • Suit customers whose energy use is consistent
  • Generally provide lower rates per kilowatt-hour when you sign up for a longer contract
  • May have rising rates after your contract ends

Variable Rate Plans

  • Have electric rates that fluctuate based on market costs
  • Provide a less predictable bill each month
  • Benefit customers who want to avoid a service cancellation fee
  • Should come with notification before rate changes but depends on your supplier and their policy

Free Electricity Plans

  • Specify set hours when electricity comes free of charge like nights or weekends
  • Allow for savings if you use the bulk of your electricity during these no-charge times
  • Usually permit unlimited kWh usage during “free” times, but read the fine print to make sure
  • Work best for customers who work during the day and use more electricity at night

Green Energy Plans

  • Offset energy usage with sustainable energy credits
  • Replace the energy you’ve used from the power grid with energy from renewable sources
  • Help the environment without inconveniencing you
  • Come at a small additional cost depending on supplier

Other Common Electricity Plan Benefits

As you compare electricity plans, watch for brands offering these extra benefits
No-Deposit Electricity

Some energy companies offer qualified customers the opportunity to turn on their power without paying a deposit. Even if you don’t qualify for no-deposit electricity, ask your provider if they have payment plans or other alternatives to paying a deposit up front.

Same-Day Service

Moving to a new apartment? Some providers will offer you same-day electricity service if you sign up by a certain time of day. Same-day activation shouldn’t come at an extra cost, and it makes moving day easier knowing you can have power when you need it.

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Which One of These Electricity Plans Is Right for You?

As you compare electricity plans and weigh their advantages and disadvantages, consider lifestyle factors.

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Do you work a 9-to-5 job?

A nights free plan may be a very economical option for you.

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Does a predictable bill matter less to you than taking advantage of potential drops in energy rates?

Consider a variable rate electricity plan.

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Do you prefer the predictability of a set bill each month?

A plan with a fixed electricity rate could be your best choice.

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Are you looking for ways to lessen your environmental impact by offsetting your carbon emissions?

A plan with a fixed electricity rate could be your best choice.