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About Electricity Rates

Learn more below about shopping for an accurate electricity rate.

Understanding Your Rate

You may have noticed that our site doesn’t display exact rates for any of our chosen providers. We realize this is a crucial part of the electricity shopping process—but we don’t feel that giving users one basic rate is honest. Electricity providers calculate rates based on several charges that vary based on geographic location, usage, plan terms, and more.

You might find per-kilowatt-hour rates on display elsewhere, but those numbers can be misleading or inaccurate on their own. Many budget providers exclude fees and extra charges from their advertised rates, so you end up paying more than you signed up for once your bill arrives.

For more information on exactly what goes into an electric bill, read on below, and to get your own accurate rate, give us a call.

Electric Bill Breakdown

A wide range of factors impact your individual bill. The best way to be sure you’re getting a rate and plan that won’t come with any surprises is to choose one of our preferred providers. Our site recommends providers that give customers bundled rates, with as many extra charges included up front as possible, rather than low prices that come with unexpected charges later. Once you narrow down a provider, give us a call and we’ll be able to give you your custom rate.

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Energy charge (how much electricity you use)

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Transmission and Distribution Service Provider fee

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Minimal use charges (if applicable)

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Sales tax

= Your Electricity Bill

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