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About Texas Electricity Providers

Our Approach

Texas Electricity Providers believes that consumers deserve to have enough information to make informed decisions about their power, and that’s exactly what we provide. In an energy landscape as saturated as Texas’, choosing an electricity provider isn’t easy. And with over 240 options to choose from, it’s incredibly time-consuming. Looking for a more streamlined shopping experience? The limited number of providers we feature on this site are the ones we believe are best for consumers.

Unlike other comparison sites, we don’t list every single provider in Texas, because we don’t believe they’re all worth your business. Instead, we’ve chosen the best ones after looking at a host of factors aside from rates alone. After all, price matters, but not if you’re dealing with billing errors, hidden fees, or an absent customer service department. Customer service, valuable add-on products, and rewards programs are just a few of the factors we examine when evaluating energy providers in Texas, but you can find the full list on our Compare page.

Our Purpose

It’s simple—we want to make finding a quality energy provider in Texas easier for you. Questions? Concerns? Give us a call, anytime. We have a small, dedicated customer service team at the ready to answer your questions about electricity providers in Texas. Whether you’re ready to make a decision or are just starting your search, we’re here to help, not push you to buy.

More Competition Means Lower Rates

With 85% of the state deregulated, the Texas electricity market is a crowded place. But that’s actually a good thing for consumers. More competition drives rates down for Texans more than in many regulated states, and increased competition has led to retail energy providers offering more add-ons and rewards as they compete for customer loyalty.

In deregulated markets, electricity companies, or retail energy providers, are able to buy energy from utility companies and then sell it to the public. If you’re new to Texas or just moved to a city with deregulated energy, get a more in-depth look at energy deregulation here.